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Jasmine Sinclair has been a well known model in the UK for a while now including appearences on Page 3 of national newspapers.

She has had a website for quite a while which specialises in bondage and while this isn’t my thing I joined up recently to check it out.
I would describe the site as small and personal which is a nice change from faceless corporation websites.
Jasmine’s bio page is an interesting read (for a change) and mentions how she is naturally submissive and how her website is a way to explore this side of her personality in a safe environment.


There is a mid level amount of content on the site, according to the members page there are 160 photosets (containing 13,711 photos) and 66 videos (totalling over 10 hours of footage).
Images are not of a fixed size so some sets have lots of different sized photos. Generally they are around 1200 pixels on the longest length.
Photosets are viewable or availible as zip files for download.
Videos are provided as WMV “large, WMV “small” or “large” Realmedia – as an example the following sizes were observed for one movie:
WMV large: 57mb – WMV Small: 20mb Large Realmedia: 77mb
The usual sections can be found on the site (photos, videos, bio, forum etc)


The site has a pink and gray design with a butterfly motif and is quite plain but functional. The main members page shows all the latest updates, Jasmine’s news and upcoming updates in a simple layout thats easy on the eyes.

There is also an rss feed you can subscribe to and recieve the latest updates, which are daily.


Jasmine goes out of her way to fulfill member requests and labels sets or movies with an icon to show which material is from requests. There is also a contact address if you wish to send in ideas. Users can also rate and comment all photosets and movies.
I had a brief speed problem with the site when I first joined so I e-mailed the webmaster. I was impressed that he got back to me within minutes with some helpful advice.
Jasmine’s site also has user forums but I didnt check these out as you need to register to view them.


Jasmine is a pretty hot babe and while bondage may not be your thing, the content is still quite hot and includes a lot of G/G material – there are several other girls on the site like Mistress Alexandra, Lucy Zara and Kelly (who appears in a lot of sets).
The photosets could be better presented in a uniform size with less retouching and also the movies would benefit from a streaming flash version instead of the realmedia option or possibly a HD version.

The presentation isn’t so good but its functional, quick and bug free. I get the impression that not much time was spent on it so there is room for a lot of improvement there. The interactivity is what makes this site nice, especially if you are a bondage fan – I give jasminesinclair.com a good 6.5 out of 10 rating.