Whores Doeuvres 01

Client: Daring! Director: Christoph Clark

I contacted Christoph to produce a few movies for Daring! at a fairly low budget and he came back with a really nice set of vignettes featuring a massive 16 girls.

The title of this movie was an idea that came to me one evening at dinner over appetisers and seemed a perfect title for French master Christophe’s movie.
When I saw the shots of Anjelika Black I knew she had to be on the box cover and the Jennifer Love shots were hot too. After a little retouching and compositing the result was pretty nice.

100% Zoom detail

Here area couple of 100% zooms of the artwork so some of the more subtle detail can be seen.

The second volume of this series came out in blue I believe but the intention was to stick with the red throughout the series.