Web portfolio

Scarlet Studios

This is a website built on the blogging tool wordpress. WordPress is an excellent solution for small websites as it allows the owners to add their own pages with the built in WYSIWYG editor. The design here uses very rich colours and classical fonts to convey luxury and style.

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This is a totally free website used as a promotion tool for pay sites. It uses a cgi script backend to control members info. The design focuses on the free aspect and that its British.

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Model Safety

This is another site using wordpress aimed at common sense advice for models and “would-be” models. The design emphasis here is on communicating the information accross as clearly as possible.

Michelle Thorne

This was a small site that was not affiliated with Miss Thorne in any way. The owner had a lot of material and wanted a main page along with a general template to use.

Kryztal Red

This design was a victim of its own success, I recieved so many requests for designs like it and ultimately other people copied it to the extent that the original got replaced.

Below are some designs for TGP pages I produced to match the website design.


This site uses a heavily modified OS commerce shopping cart system to deliver downloadable movies. The design here was minimalistic except around the header and navigation

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dodger had a huge amount of websites in the UK mainly focused on nylon fetishes. I produced the design work for around 20 sites in all, none of which are still in use but below are just a few.

My sexy legs

I produced quite a few templates for christine at mysexylegs, many of which are still in use but I stopped producing templates as its not cost effective unless you sell the same design over and over and thats not something I am willing to do.

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