Business services

Business services can be performed on a freelance or short-term contract basis (Contracts lasting between one and six months).
Below are some examples of how I can assist you and your company;

Production management and Budget planning.

If you produce material to a budget and need help controlling that budget or getting your content at the right price, then you need a producion manager. Its often difficult for companies to find producers who can work to their budgets. It can also be extremely time consuming negotiating pricing and requirements with directors and/or photographers or even sourcing content.

This is where the production manager comes in, I can take on single projects or more long-term projects depending on your needs, although I set an initial limit of six months on any contract. As an example please see this case study.

Creative direction and Art direction

Any idea executed in the wrong way can be a disaster. Does your idea work and will it influence the market it is aimed at?
Everyone has ideas but realising them can be a big stumbling block. Direction is what you need and I can provide direction for all projects including corporate id, media production, advertising and promotion.

This includes creating concepts, sourcing, research, liasing between managerial staff, production teams and creative departments.
This can include anything from revamping your brand through to conceptualising promotional material.

Other services

Aside from the services listed above I can also help identify creative problems and offer suggestions to rectify the issues. This could be as simple as critiquing something like the styling of some photography, through to troubleshooting incorrect corporate branding. Contact me with your personal requirements.